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It doesn't matter where you're landing as long as you do not stop flying high.

We are all astronauts.

Q: Who are you to fly?

A: Everyone can fly. The only thing you need is a little courage. Icarus didn't stop, neither will we. We're astronauts.

Q: What are you looking for?

A: We're looking for something better, something meets our imagination. The nature of it is actually no different from the mission of Apollo 11. We're exploring our way to the moon.

Q: What are you talking about?(contemptuous tone)

A: Yeh, we know. We're just making mobile apps. No big deal. But life would be so much fun if you take a different perspective. If you wouldn't mind us putting our little experiments this way, we'll keep playing this game.

Q: Well, in that case. Tell me something about your journey?

A: Why not see for yourself?

Q: @&!^?#*$...OK, one practical question. Which mobile platform are you targeting?

A: The three major platforms(iOS, Android, and Windows), if Windows phone 8 shines.

Q: Are you nuts? All by two of you?

A: You didn't sense we are crazy?....Just joking. We think it would be awesome to have a great app on all platforms. But we'll start small and step by step. So relax and join the ride with us.

No doubt, we're real twins.

the developer

Shih-You Yeh,

As the older brother, Shih-You leads the team and generates most of the ideas. He thinks coding is a kind of art which can save the world from being boring and inefficient. He has his own philosophy but finds no time to convey it. He loves coding and tries hard not to be a coder. And he codes everything.

the designer

Hsin-You Yeh,

As the younger, Hsin-You is always the best sidekick. He does not know how to draw but tries hard to design things. He does not know how to talk but wants to be a philosopher. He loves doing all sorts of little experiment of his own. And he writes everything but the codes.

“ Fasten your seatbelt and hold tight with us. We'll soon be launching
...again. ”

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